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OWS Top 10 Branch Managers

“In the mid-90s, it was about product education. In the early 2000s, it was about risk management and mitigation. In 2008, it was about explaining how we were going to navigate those treacherous waters. Throughout those years you were putting the client first. And as...

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Will More Community Banks Merge?

Community banks move to consolidate their charters in an effort to save money and streamline operations. Deciding when to consolidate and whether to keep multiple banks, can be a question of balance between cutting costs and avoiding disruption to a business. Many of...

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Avoid Getting Hacked!

  “From losing a cell phone, having a laptop stolen to facing email scammers and hackers: Advisors face numerous threats to the security of sensitive client data.” Samantha Allen, reporting for OnWallStreet-mag posted an article on May 6 that every advisor and/or...

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Recruiting Wirehouse Financial Advisors

“Recruiting a wirehouse advisor can be well worth the effort for growth-minded RIA firms -- but it's not easy, it takes time and you should expect a lot of false starts.” That's the message from Neal Simon, founder and chief executive of Highline Wealth Management,...

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MyRA–a Breakthrough?

If it would cause millions of low-income Americans to save for retirement who are not currently doing so, then, it just might be a “breakthrough”. [pullquote]I think it’s going to cause a lot of people to actually get started saving[/pullquote]Sheryl Garrett, head of...

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