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Over the eleven plus years of being in the finance recruiting business, I’ve observed a lot of financial advisors going through the recruiting process who have made two common mistakes which have jeopardized their placement opportunities.

Number one is thinking they can do this on their own without the help of a finance recruiter.

Makes no difference whether they have been in the business for two years or 20, you need someone who is independent and knows the political climate of the firms you are interested in.

A knowledgeable recruiter can direct you to the best “fits” in your area in addition to getting you a better deal than you could on your own.

Remember, their clients are those firms you are interested in and they have established working relationships with top management in these firms. They’re in a position to work through and resolve any problems which may arise.

The second most common mistake—selecting a financial recruiting firm that doesn’t have multiple clients in whom you are interested.

As a financial advisor, you need to do your homework and become knowledgeable about the recruiting firm representing you.