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office-woman-optIt’s a “given” that if you are considering a career in the financial services industry, or if you are considering a move within the industry, you’ll want and need the expertise of an experienced and proven financial services recruiter.

But don’t just engage a recruiter, build a relationship. The best recruiter-job seeker relationships are mutually beneficial. As a candidate, you receive access to unadvertised opportunities and gain an advocate.

A common job-seeker mistake is to engage with a recruiter only when actively searching for a new position or wanting to make a move within the industry. In other words, a strictly transactional relationship—candidate needs a job, recruiter needs a candidate to fill a job; end of relationship.

Think longer term: be prepared to stay in touch over the short, medium and long term to find the best opportunities. And remember, a recruiter will appreciate reciprocal access to your network or potential referrals as well as specific company or industry insights you share.

A “win-win” for both!