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[pullquote]“The Protocol for Broker Recruiting” for financial advisors has become an industry standard[/pullquote] “The Protocol for Broker Recruiting” establishes a framework of best practices for financial advisors who are moving firms or going independent in order to ensure smooth, conflict-free transitions, protect financial firm proprietary information and uphold client privacy.

It has become an industry standard, streamlining the process by eliminating a bulk of the uncertainty, costs and fear from both advisors and member firms.

In general, under the broker protocol, an advisor may be able take basic information such as client names and contact data, but not specific client information such as account and social security numbers, copies of statements or other documents.

More than that, it’s critical to only take the right clients’ info – to make sure the clients are those who are the best fit for the new firm. For other factors to consider before making a move, financial advisors should consult a professional recruiter.