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Here’s a new twist to developing a pipeline of referrals.

Organizing a workshop for potential clients is “old hat” and successful results are dependent on the advisor’s effectiveness in his “show and tell” presentation; how knowledgeable he is about the products he’s selling, and his ability to convince his audience to do business with him.

A new and novel approach to the workshop is the co-hosted workshop…an approach that Bill Black, president of Exit and Retirement Strategies, Inc. in Orange, California, has had success with over the past two years.

What he does is invite CPAs, bankers and other professional service influencers to what he calls a co-hosted workshop and he asks them to bring four to five business owners with them. Then, using a set of videos which address real life financial scenarios and acting as a moderator, he gets an interactive discussion going to find solutions…read more on his technique and success in building his clientele in Steve Garmhausen’s June 2, OnWallStreet report.