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Morningstar Minimum InvestmentThe nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, LPL Financial set out to improve their Model Wealth Portfolio platform, already highly successful.

To become more efficient, the firm added more strategists to the platform, including their own research arm, Morningstar.

Minimum investments were dropped from $100,000 to $25,000, allowing high net worth clients to more finely diversify their holdings across a variety of investing themes which involve more short term trades. In doing so, they have relieved their financial advisors of selecting securities and re-balancing client portfolios.

To date, the platform offers eight theme strategists that are accessible and understandable for clients. How many more will be added is undetermined, but LPL executive vice president of Advisory and Brokerage Consulting Services, John Moninger, said that LPL wants to keep the number somewhat restricted so as not to confuse and overwhelm investors with a huge number of choices.

How does this pan out for financial advisors? According to reports, they are pleased with the new offering seeing it as more efficient and less time consuming along with meeting their clients’ needs.