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Bill Willis in the News

President and CEO, Bill Willis is the author of numerous articles published in premier trade publications including On Wall Street, and has been interviewed extensively regarding current trends within the industry.

Recruiter’s Tour of Raymond James

Before coming aboard, every prospective hire at Raymond James must make a home-office visit. It allows the advisor to evaluate the firm, while giving senior officials a chance to get acquainted with the advisor. When advisors visit the St. Petersburg,...

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The Bank Perspective

A growing number of wirehouse advisors are showing more interest in bank brokerage programs today. To clarify, almost all wirehouses are now bank-owned, but the space we are referring to is that which positions advisors directly in a bank branch. The...

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Creating A Generation of Deal Junkies

Have firms gone too far with their huge retention bonuses? By Bill Willis March 1, 2012 The market meltdown of 2008 and mergers of financial firms that followed are beginning to feel like a distant memory. What remains in the present are the retention...

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The Year of Movement

OnWallStreet Our annual recruiters roundtable: Dissatisfaction in the ranks and the end of blind loyalty translates into advisors on the move By Frances A. McMorris January 1, 2012 It was a busy year at the firms and, as a result, our seven recruiters are...

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Is Now The Time to Head to Wirehouses?

In the post-Madoff climate, a well-known wirehouse brand may indeed be more valuable for the advisor than an independent shop. By Bill Willis September 1, 2011 It has become fashionable to talk about the mass exodus from the wirehouse to the independent...

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The Pitfalls of Going Independent

The independent channel seems enticing. But there are several things to consider before making the first step. By Bill Willis OnWallStreet – May 1, 2011 When I began my career in the 1970s, the brokerage industry was idea driven. Firms and their...

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The Culture Club

When you think of your branch manager, what images come to mind? Does your branch manger send off positive, negative or neutral vibes? Perhaps the message is mixed. Because he or she represents the management of your firm more than any other executive,...

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The Treasure Within

Wirehouses have created high-end divisions to compete with the boutiques-but have they succeeded? By Bill Willis November 1, 2010 In an effort to compete for the high-net-worth segment of the retail market, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and UBS have formed...

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Talking ‘Bout the Generations

The clients of the future are Gen X and Gen Y. But most advisors are boomers and they’ll be the ones forced to change their ways. By Bill Willis September 1, 2010 You might be surprised to learn that the average age of a financial advisor is approximately...

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