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Social Media ProfileDid you know that your “digital profile” is your calling card to the new generation of recruiters?

If you “look” competent online you might get a response to that resume that you e-mailed.

Recruiters want an overall view of your accomplishments, and more than likely they are going to :

– check your profile on LinkedIn.com

– browse your Facebook page

– look for a blog or website.

They might see if you are Tweeting which shows at least you know what it is!

The online world is the new talent pool of today’s hiring offices.

If you haven’t begun to set up your digital presence yet, where do your begin?

LinkedIn Begin here; there’s a profile page where you present yourself-showing your employment history, skills, licenses, certifications and anything else you would like recruiters to know. Post an appropriate head shot. Then connect with recruiters, companies, and business colleagues.

Facebook Set up a free profile page.

Website Consider a personal website under your own name. You want the site to come up if a recruiter searches for you specifically and a website is the place to demonstrate professional expertise. Keep up with the news in your field and post commentaries in the Blog section.