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Wirehouse Opportunities for Experienced Financial Advisors

Wirehouse options remain a popular choice among top producers!

Advice providing professionals registered with the SEC

Wirehouse advisors across the USA - according to Discovery Data


of CFP's in the US are female; 76% of CFP's in the US are male

Your Best Fit could be

Just one move away

It is possible that your current wirehouse firm doesn’t appreciate just how much you contribute each day. The good news is that sophisticated firms are offering record-breaking transition packages and incentives to attract successful financial advisors, like you.

Whether you feel like you are bogged down in red tape, you need a new geographical fit, or your current level of support doesn’t reflect your true value, you have options. Willis Consulting can help you find them—all of them.

With decades in the financial adviser recruiting business and countless contacts among all the key wirehouse firms, Willis has its finger on the pulse of the financial industry. We will help you find your best fit—when you decide you are ready to make a move.

Let's Start a Conversation!

If you’ve decided to make a move, or even if you’re just thinking about making a move, start a relationship with the Financial Advisor Recruiters at Willis Consulting. We will look out for your best interests and advise you on your best move now or in the future.

Assess how you feel about your current position


Are you getting paid what you feel you’re worth?

Management & Culture

Is there a place that could be a better fit for your personality and style?


Do you dream of not having to spend so much time commuting? Or do you just want to live in a different part of the country?


Do you feel you are spending too much time on red tape?


Is your company optimizing the success of your career by keeping up with the ever-changing world of Financial Tech?

Industry Knowledge

Our decades of experience  means that we understand the special challenges you face. We know where the jobs are, and the nuances of culture at brokerages around the country.

Industry Contacts

Simply put, we have relationships with almost all of the Major Players in the financial services sector. We’re not kidding.

Negotiating Power

Our thorough knowledge of the industry means that we are able to negotiate fair terms and compensation for you.


Your confidence and confidentiality are paramount

Administrative Assistance

Signing a contract is just one step in a transition. We’ll help you through the entire process

This is how Willis Consulting can help!

Considering a career move?

Negotiating Power

Willis Consulting offers representation by expert recruiters who know the financial industry better than anyone.



Discretion is key in Financial Advisor Recruitment. At Willis Consulting, we take confidentiality seriously.

Financial Freedom

The financial freedom of your clients is your job. Your financial freedom is ours. Let Willis Consulting take care of you.


Financial Advisors over 49 years old


Financial Advisors under 40 years old


Projected job growth over 10 years


CFP's in the US who are female


After a collapse of support at our old firm we were at a crossroads. We were largely convinced what we needed no longer existed. Willis Consulting proved us wrong.

Wirehouse Team

Proven Wrong

I get referrals every single day from my banking partners. In two years my assets have tripled and my comp has doubled. I also get to do what I love best which is planning.

High Net Worth Advisor

Independence to Wirehouse

Our new firm is as excited about what we will accomplish for them as we are about what they can provide for us. We give full matchmaking credit to you and Willis Consulting.
Wirehouse Team

New Opportunities

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