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stockxpertcom_id571101_jpg_abf18256d9ce675b98eb473896176f37Wells Fargo, CEO John Stumpf, puts it bluntly:

“When we hire somebody around here, we want to know how much you care, before we care how much you know. We call our employees team members, not employees. Employees denote an expense to be managed. Team members are an asset to be invested in.”

Forbes February 13, 2012, cover story “Wells Fargo: The Bank That Works,” by Matt Schifrin and Halah Touryalai presents not only a refreshing but optimistic outlook in a banking industry fraught with criticism and law suits.

All of Wells Fargo’s 264,200 “team members” receive a 37 page book, Vision & Values signed by Stumpf, full of instructions on how to behave, treat customers and above all, increase revenue. And also noteworthy, they have the largest market capitalization of any American bank.

Read the full article to understand and appreciate this CEO and discover how Wells is keeping customers in their homes and regaining the trust of their customers face to face.