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Experts say there are good reasons for Financial Advisors to do a video interview; they are

  • Easy
  • Cheaper than flying someone in
  • May give the recruiter a better sense of the potential employee than a phone call

Allison Linn reports below for lifeinc.today.com

clapperboard“It’s no secret that searching for a job has changed a lot in recent years, from the influx of online application systems to the fact that there just aren’t a lot of jobs out there.

Now, there’s another new twist: More companies than ever are shunning the old-fashioned phone screening in favor of video job interviews, a new survey finds.

The OfficeTeam survey of more than 500 human resources managers at companies with 20 or more employees found that more than six in 10 are now doing video interviews at least somewhat often, up from fewer than two in 10 just a year ago.”