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Ronnie Encina

Regional Director 

I take great pride and joy helping Financial Advisors navigate the top Wallstreet Firms. I do that by introducing opportunities that will allow them to better their lifestyle and service clients in an elevated platform. My goal will always be to provide a smooth transition, working side by side with hiring managers to deliver guidance every step of the way.

Growing up with Dual Citizenship US/Chile I was drafted into the Chilean Army where I became a Paratrooper part of a Special Forces Battalion based in the Andes, east of Santiago. After I served my time, I moved Back to the US where I stared to my career as a Certified Fitness Trainer for UFC Gym Corp. That allowed to me to discover the joy it brought me to help individuals who are in search for a better life by improving their overall health. Relationship and trust building was key to ensuring my success and the clients.

The skills I developed over the years as a trainer allowed to join Willis as a recruiter and become successful in a short period. Making sure everything is aligned perfectly with firms we represent, and my candidate’s success.

Born and raised in the South Bay, I have always lived an active lifestyle weather it was surfing or snowboarding, I would always try to find a reason to get out. Nowadays I spend my time with my wife Amber and my first-born girl Maia. We also get out as much as we can. Camping, and fishing with family Hawaii or trips to the central coast with our dogs to let them run free in San Simeon

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