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experienced-recruiters Timing is everything, and I think talented women financial advisors have an advantage now.

As Wall Street firms emerge from one of the most disastrous financial crises ever and their profit base begins to rise, we see them turn towards an increase in hiring once again. And as recruiters, we see them not only seeking more talent, but more diverse talent.

As one recruiter said, “part of the reason is that the Obama administration is in Washington.” Well, maybe that is part of it, but still the ultimate goal is to pull in as many assets as possible from as many different communities as are out there, and the more minorities a company has working for them, the more success they‘ll have in doing this.

OK, probably true. But, if I was a female advisor considering a move, or even a female thinking about becoming an advisor, then this is the time to act. Consider the validity of this statement I recently came across in an investment forum: “Men are considered to be more confident than women in their business transactions, BUT, the confidence men show when making an investment is overconfidence, because they are trying to ‘beat the market’…Ok, you draw the conclusion.